Alrewas Signalbox

During the early hours of  Sunday 23rd October 2005, a passing police patrol reported that Alrewas signalbox was on fire. Once the fire service attended and doused the flames, the box was found to be extensively smoke damaged and the heat had taken its toll on much of the internal fixtures. To the astonishment of all concerned, however, all the signalling equipment was found to operate correctly and the life of the box was saved.

Alrewas interior after the fire

The cause of the fire is not suspicious. It was a heater that had inadvertently been switched on/left on that  ignited a hi-vis vest hanging near the doorway. The irony is that the box shouldn't have been staffed for the turn concerned as Wichnor Junction was in pieces and no traffic could get that way anyway!

As an interim measure, signallers operated out of a temporary cabin, entering the signal box only when required to actually signal trains.

Refurbishment quickly commenced, with the opportunity being taken to include an inside toilet in the work.

Alrewas being refurbished

With thanks to N.H.Allsop for the pictures & info....

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