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Derby Junction D01
2 E (Up) side of line S of triangle, N of River Derwent. 128m 57c 362360 1 Derby North Junc 542yd - Derby South Junc 462yd - Derby Station North Jnc 216yd MR Track,Swift vol 8,Hinson LM62/13 x2 1966, undated (1969?). MR Type 2b. Type 2b with dormer vent centrally at front. Three 10' x 10' flakes. Wooden steps (16) facing traffic. "Derby Midland 200 yards ---->" on front (removed by March 1969). Frame at front. Wooden nameboards centrally on ends. Locking room windows at non steps end at front and rear. Non-standard windows at door end set at a vertical angle. S end of Flake 3 and N end of Flake 4 (i.e. non steps end) glazed between window and gutter. 52 lever MR tumbler - Swift. MR 6in tumbler 52 levers - NHA. 12JUL1969 1. by 1870 2. 09OCT1892 Open Continuously (1877, 1913, 1942, 1945, 1959) (LMS hist pl3 TGHepburn, Rail Archive Stephenson). MR Port pl159 distance June 1902 MLKnighton collection. MR Port pl161 10OCT1917 MLKnighton. RKBlencowe 33473/5 09NOV1968. MR postcard 1729 c1900 hidden. LMS Misc2 pl85 GWaite col'n part view 1929. MAKing 22MAR1969, 05APR1969 (& 24AUG1963 MRP 404/72). RJBuckley 2369 nd, 1604 29JUL50. (LMR official NRM D/821 D/820 @ GAYeomans). RCRiley 24MAY1959.
Shown as c. 12'x10' box on MR widening plan in 1891.Shown very clearly as 10x30' on Derby Station plan DL230 (1919). Dn Goods Lines = permisive block (1956 SA) From 0900 Mon 03MAR1913 Up Mn starter and Dn Gds to Derby north starter return to danger behind trains. Dn Mn has done so since 1912 (MR wn).
Jan - Feb 1969 and 18MAY1969 - Remodelling.
Bridge abutment with gantry base 5m N then sb further 5m N. H Duggan, 17NOV1892 (27/-) 26JUL1900 (29/-), J Blackwell, (24/-) died 14AUG1879, C Johnson, 15MAY1877 (22/-) > 26JUL1900 (29/-), H Brown, 10JAN1879 (24/-) > resigned 03JUN1883 (27/-), W Astle, 21AUG1883 (22/-) >18SEP1890 (24/-), A Hampton, 27SEP1891 (22/-) > 20JUN1893 (to Willington), R Coverley, 14FEB1895 (24/-) > 26JUL1900 (29/-) DY STAFF. C Francis, EA Herman - NUR1930 P - Overgrown with grass. Steps gaining access from road below still extant. Stumps of signal gantry still extant on either side of line.
Derby North Junction D02
3 E (Up) side of Gds, N of triangle. 128m 33c 396 3648 2 St Marys Junc 1284yd - Derby Junc 542yd - Derby South Junc 520yd MR Track. Hinson LM62/14 1919. 3. Swift vol 8 2. MR Type 2. 3. BR(LMR) Type 15. 2. Type 2 (possibly Type 2a?) 2x10' flakes, steps toward traffic, frame at front, locking room windows on non-steps end flush with front and rear. Nameboard on front flush with bottom of windows, railed walkway on front and end
3. BR(LMR) Type 15 built on brick pier on side of embankment. Metal steps (18?) approaching traffic. Nameboard attached to eaves at both ends. Four flakes of ~10'. Matching relay room to S. No porch or walkway. Four locking room windows on frontand rear. Locking room door at steps end flush with front. Chimneys at front.
2. Front 44 lever, 2 spare - Hinson. Frame new by30NOV1903 when 5 were spare - MT6/1201/18. 3. Rear 55 lever standard -Swift. REC 1943 4 frame 55 levers. Rear - NHA. 12JUL1969 1. by 1870 2. 25SEP1892 3. 30JUL1957 Open Continuously (1877, 1913, 1942, 1945, 1959) 2. MR Pict pl161 10OCT1917 MLKnighton collection. 3. Sutton frontispiece CM&JMBentley 25MAY1966. MAKing 22MAR1963 x 2, 03JUN1969 (& 24AUG1963 MRP/404/43). HBOliver 07OCT1961 Negative No. MR X379A from Up train box in distance. RCRiley 24MAY1959. Corporation g.f. 4 levers controlling trailing connection from Up Goods serving sidings at Derby Corporation, Aiton & Co, Chattaways as well as Race Dock Sdg No.s 1 & 2. Goods Lines = permisive block (1956 SA) Shown as c. 10'x10' box on 1891 MR widening plan. Signals rearranged at estimated cost of 40 - Way & Works cttee 02NOV1881.
17NOV1968 - Down Passenger plain lined. 24NOV1968 - Up Passenger plain lined. 01DEC1968 -Down Goods plain lined. 08DEC1968 - Up Goods plain lined. 04MAY1969 -Goods lines to Chaddesden oou.
2. 10yd N of MP 129 in 1917 photograph. 3. Matching locking/relay room to S. WJ Smith, A Carter, W Joyce - NUR1930 Concrete base still visible.
Nottingham Road D02a
1 Platforms of station

Station frame
MR hut/platform frame(s) Hut on up platform similar to old Colaville crossing complete with "GNR" style bargeboards. Vertical boarding, door facing traffic, hole in platform aligns with hut. c.1870's signal "box". 4 levers (2 per platform?)
1871-1880 - MT6/304/2
MJL 6610.6/3 None Operated 'slotting disc' on Down line in derby North Jn - MT6/304/2

Bare ground where platforms were.
St Marys Junction D03 Little Chester Junction 2 W (Dn) side of Mn E of Gds, S of and right up to piers of Mansfield Road bridge. 129m 11c 358376 1 Breadsall Crossing 1mi 1045yd - Derby North Junc 1284yd - St Mary's Wharf 352yd Swift vol 8. NHA. 2. MR Type 2b. Type 2b, three 10'x10' flakes very low to aid sighting under bridge. Frame at front. Nameboard (MR wooden??) front centrally and enamell nameboard at steps end over windows offset slightly to front. Wooden steps (8) facing traffic. No walkway. Single 2 pane wide x 1 pane high locking room window centrally in front of each flake. 2. Front, 52 lever MR tappet - Swift. MR 52 levers 6in tappet 3 spare - NHA. 12JUL1969 1. by 1868, new top 10MAY1891 - Newman. 2. 30MAY1897 Open Continuously (1877,1913, 1942, 1945, 1948). 0440 Mo - 0550 Su (1959). Derby Suburbs p78. MAKing 22MAR1969 (& 31AUG63 MRP 404/74) 22MAR69, from offside of approaching down train. Controlled transition of Dn Goods from E of Mn to W of Mn. St Mary's Yard trailing on Dn side. G.f. on Up Gds 'Glass Works Sdg'. See attachment re accident 22NOV1927. Goods Lines = permisive block (1956 SA) Renamed 1 to 2 b/w NOV1875-AUG1877 - Gough. Replacement top 10MAY1891 - Gough. Points to be worked by rods in lieu of wires - Way & Wks ctte 19OCT1880.
29SEP1968 to 10NOV1968 - Main remodelling. 13OCT1968 - St. Mary's Jn remodelled.08JUN1969 - Removal of North siding.
Right up to piers of Mansfield Road bridge. GJB Platt, JA Ray, F Collins - NUR1930 Flat ground under footbridge - small area of concrete (base of steps?) and odd brick in ground
St Mary's Goods Yard D04 St Mary's Wharf, Goods Yard Box 4 2. S of arrival lines, W of Bonded Stores Road 16c from junction. 3. W of arrival lines flush with embankment No of Cut Ln bridge. 4. W of arrival lines S of Cut Ln bridge. 3m 16c 3. 3577 3741 4. 3576 3728 4 St Mary's Junction 352yd Swift vol 8 1. 'Point Holder's Box' 2. MR 3. MR 4. LMS Type 11c 4. LMS Type 11c two 10'x 10' flakes with 19 wooden steps to N away from traffic. A 3 pane wide x 2 pane high square locking room window centraly in front of each flake. Locking room door under steps flush with rear. Nameboards "GOODS YARD BOX" centrally over door/windows at ends. Stove chimney at front slightly N of centre. Railed walkway on front and both ends. Rear, 45 lever LMS - Swift 20APR1980 (SRS rn9) 1. ? 2. 23MAR1892 3. 06FEB1898 4. APR1938? 0600 Mo - 1045 Su, 1800 Su - 0200 Mo (1909). 0600 Mo - 1000 Su, 1800 Su - 0200 Mo (1913). Open Continuously (1942). 0500 Mo - 0600 Su (1945). 0500 Mo - 0830 Su (1948). 0440 Mo - 0550 Su (1959). RJBuckley 2117 18JUL51 in distance. MAKing 17NOV1973 x2. Midland Mainline cab ride video 1971 LARGE goods yard. Shunting frame controlling movements to/from yard, Up departure sdg, Dn Gds & Dn Mn. w.e.f. 14JUL1969 (BR1855). "Goods Yard Box" used by MR in 1898. RN b/w 1949-1956
CA Bate, A Normanshaw, GH Holloway - NUR1930 3. Scrub land overgrown by brambles. 4. Site built on and transformed out of recognition
Breadsall Crossing D05
3 S of x-ing, W (Dn) side 130m 58c 3613 4008 3 Little Eaton Junc 1mi 291yd - St Mary's Junc 1mi 1045yd Swift vol 8. NHA. 3. MR Type 2a. Type 2a with two 10'x10' flakes. Locking room windows on ends flush with front/rear. Locking room door under steps flush with rear. Nameboard "BREADSALL CROSSING" on ends. Frame at front. Wooden steps (12) facing traffic. Ten horizontal weatherboards. Chimney at rear (with T piece by 1969). Walkway with rails across front only. 5 bay double gates. MR Dn Distants at MP 130 (slow to fast splitting). Main line signal has corrugated arm. 28 lever MR tumbler 6in centres - Swift. MR 28 levers 6in tumbler - NHA. 12JUL1969 1. by 01NOV1875 2. c.AUG1877 3. 01MAR1891 Closed Sa, Su nights (1877), Open Continuously (1913, 1942, 1945, 1959) MAKing 23MAR1969 (& 03JUN69 MRP 404/77). RJBuckley 3409 09AUG53 very partial. 30MAY1967 plus Dn Distants - GAYeomans. Nick Allsop collection external with signalman at window and internal with signalman at trb shelf.
Goods Lines = permisive block (1956 SA) 'Breadsall Junction' in 1956, 'Crossing' in 1877, 1880 - Trade 1913 & 1945. Nameboard displayed on box in 1967 read "Breadsall Crossing". 28JUL1968 - All sidings and crossover road removed at Breadsall Crossing. 09FEB1969 - Breadsall Crossing Up Passenger to Up Goods recovered (passenger side).
16FEB1969 - Breadsall Crossing Up Passenger to Up Goods recovered (goods side). 02MAR1969 - Level crossing at Breadsall Crossing secured oou.
J Mackness, RH Watson, TA Haines - NUR1930 Rough grass, odd brick and roof slate in undergrowth. Tarmac of crossing still extant.
Little Eaton Junction D06
2 E (Dn) side of goods and branch loop, S of Branch jnc 131m 7c 3604 4066 3 Peckwash Mill Sdgs 1421yd - Breadsall Crossing 635yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/17 1967. NHA. 2. MR Type 3b. Type 3b with three 10'x12'10" flakes. Locking room windows on ends flush with front/rear and locking room door under steps flush with rear. Wooden steps (20) facing traffic. Frame front. Name-boards over end windows. Railed walkway round front and ends. Chimney with T piece at rear. 3. Front 52 lever MR tumbler 6in centres -Swift. MR 52 levers 6in tumbler 5 spare OCT1967 - NHA. New frame with 5 spares when inspected 09FEB1902 MT6/1092/4. 12JUL1969 1. by 1870 2. c.DEC1877 - Newman 3. 25MAR1900 Closed Sa, Su nights (1877), Open Continuously (1913), 0600 Mo - 0600 Su (1942). 0600 Mo - 1530 Su (1945). 0600 Mo - 0600 Su (1948). 0530 - 2120 Mo - Sa (1959). HBPriestley 21JAN1967 per Mr King. MAKing 22MAR69. Nick Allsop collection undated external and internal with signalman at frame. Dn lie by (MR1913) with two up goods lines. Branch goods, 2 x Up sdgs and Dn goods. Goods Lines = permisive block (1956 SA) 09FEB1969 - North end of connections plain lined at Little Eaton Junction. 02MAR1969 - Up and Down Goods oou between Breadsall and Duffield, Up Branch and sidings oou at Little Eaton, branch became OES and Little Eaton Station Crossing made TMO. Second sb shown on Dn side c.200yd further south on 1915 Derby Borough OS map. JPassey in 1888 - MRT records. J Woods, F Spendlow, RS Potts - NUR1930 Overgrown with brambles - no obvious sign of sb.
Burleigh Bridge D07
2 n/k exactly River bridge 131m 56c ~356415?

1. 12OCT1890 2. 23JUN1935 - Gough 1. 21SEP1890 2.02DEC1934

Temporary installations for rebuilding of Bridge 15. - Gough

Peckwash Mill Siding D08 Peckwash Siding - 1900 2 W (Up) side of gds line, 968yd N of river bridge 132m 20c 3514 4218 3 Duffield Junc 1236yd - Little Eaton Jnc 1mi 291yd Swift vol 8 2. MR Type 2b. Type 2b Two 10' x12'10" flakes. Frame at front. Steel steps 12. Walkway on front only. Locking room windows flush with both sides at non-steps end. Nameboard centrally over ends attached to roof eaves. Very shabby condition with N finial missing 1963. New 32 lever frame with 5 spares when inspected 09FEB1902 MT6/1092/4. 32 levers with 3 spare - MT6/503/4 01JUL1909. Front 24JAN1965 - Swift 1. c.DEC1877 2. 14MAR1897 Closed each night and Sudays 1880 (Wirk Br). Open Continuously (1913, 1942), 0515 Mo - 0600 Su (1945). 0600 Mo - 0350 Su (1959). MAKing 24MAR1963. Nick Allsop collection undated from Down Main looking back at box with road set and pulled off fro Dn Main to Dn Goods. RJBuckley 1146 14APR49 extreme distance Goods Loops but S of box only on Dn side. Sdg on Up side to Peckwash Mill. Worked Telegraph bells to Duffield Station on Up Goods - which terminated here in 1900. Goods Lines = permisive block (1956 SA). Accident scene 01DEC1900 - see article. Namebaord reads "Peckwash Mill Sdgs" with 'dgs' superscript. 1963 N finial missing, very shabby condition. Sidney Stiles had been signalman here for nine weeks prior to fatal accident on 01DEC1900. WH Sanders, CE Piper, G Hinkley Overgrown embankment, undergrowth not quite as thick at site, no trace of sb.
Duffield Junction D09
3 1. Up side opp jnc (Wirksworth Branch) 2. W (Dn) side of line, non steps end buried in S end of Dn platform in Y, 110yds N of junction. 133m 5c 3462 4347 3 Milford Tunnel 1236yd / Belper Goods 1mi 1753yd - Peckwash Mill Sdg 1421yd - Idridgehay 5mi 154yd / Wirksworth 8mi 230yd Swift vol 8. Wirk Ln. 1969 ex box at home. 3. MR Type 2a. Type 2a three 10' x 10' flakes with ventilation dormer in front roof central between two steps end flakes. Steps (steel 13) toward main line traffic. Locking room windows on ends. Walkway with rail right around box although slightly higher at non steps end. Vertical boarding on flake at non-steps end slightly narrower than rest. Locking room window on non-steps end flush with back (branch side) of box. At rear locking room windows in each of two steps end flakes but offset toward ends of flake. Two steps end flakes each have two 2x2 windows again offset to outside of flakes. Non steps end flake has two separtate 2x2 windows in centre of flake. Locking room door under steps at back of box. New 36 lever frame with 7 spares when inspected 09FEB1902 MT6/1092/4.. Reframed16JAN1910 (-Gough) to 38 lever MR tappet (-Swift) at Front/Mn. 15 spare at end - diag 12JUL1969 1. 1867 (11OCT1867 branch opened) 2. 1875? 3. 17AUG1884 - Newman Open Continuously (1877,1942, 1945, 1959) 3. {Wirk Br p33 Knighton collection JAN1904, p35 VR Anderson JUN1969, p36 GYeomans 03JUN1967, Lens of Sutton 1950, p38 VR Anderson JUN1969}. (LMS arch pl572). BKBGreen 1142/3 23APR1953. RJBuckley 1141 14APR1949. GAYeomans 03JUN1967. Per MAKing undated/credited x2
Did not signal Up Goods line in 1900 Extended at same time as reframed 16JAN1910 - Gough. Box 4 is unequivocally Type 2a (i.e. pre-1893).
Feb/Mar 1968 - Up lie by recovered. 27FEB1969 - Down Goods lines to Breadsall Crossing oou. 02MAR1969 - Up Goods lines to Breadsall Crossing oou. 09MAR1969 - Trailing connection Down Goods to Down Main north of station recovered. 16MAR1969 - Up Main to Up Goods plain lined. Box demolished on 08OCT1969 - WirkBr.

Edwin Barnes had been signalman here for 23 years prior to accident on 01DEC1900. C Warrington, J Tebutt, HJ Rose - NUR1930 P. Recess in platform still visible, overgrown and filled with rubbish - no trace of sb. Illuminated box diagram on closure - DJH
Duffield Station D10
1 N of island platform between Up & Dn Main lines. 133m 12c 3457 4366
Duffield Junc - Milford Tunnel Hinson LM62/19a undated. MR Type 2 Type 2w 13' wide with six 2x2 windows across the non-steps end. Steps afacing traffic. Walkway across front with rail. Locking room window on end flush with front. 24 levers, 2 spare on installation - MT6/816/3. Front (Dn side) - Hinson. Reframed 08SEP1901 - Gough. New32 frame with 4 spares when inspected 09FEB1902 MT6/1092/4. 16JAN1910 - Gough 28FEB1897
Sutton p42. {Wirk Br per VRAnderson collection} Down Sidings g.f. - Hinson Worked Telegraph bells to Peckwash Mill on Up Goods 1900.

P. No trace.
Milford Tunnel D11
1 W (Dn) side of line 131yd S of tunnel portal. 133m 61c 3444 4456 4 Belper Goods 1mi 517yd - Duffield Junc 1236yd MT6/816/3 MR Type 2b. Type 2b (based on date). Steps toward traffic, nameboard centrally over end windows. 16 levers, inc. 3 spare on installation - MT6/816/3. 03JUN1956 - Gough / 27OCT1956 - M1 16MAY1897 0800 Mo - 0600 Su (1904 Wirk br), 0800 Mo - 0400 Su (1909). 0800 Mo - 0345 Su (1913), Open Continuously (1942). 0600 Mo - 0600 Su (1945), PnP p64. BWLBrooksbank 975 15JUN1957 site of box. Up and Dn Goods lines S toward Duffield.

WH Hudleston, G Cooper, AG Hallows - NUR1930

Swainsley Viaduct D11a
1 Milford end of Swainsley Viaduct between Belper and Duffield 134m 60c 347 461 (bridge)

15JUL1882 11 June 1882 - Nmn.

None. Main lines slued into each other and Single Line Working With Fixed Signals introduced between here and Belper Goods.

Belper Goods D12 Belper 3 E (Up) side of line N of gds jnc 135m 4c 3475 4661 4 Broadholme 1mi 970 - Milford Tunnel 1mi 517yd / Duffield Junc 1mi 1753yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/21 (not numbered / undated). NHA. 3. MR Type 4a. Type 4a with two 10' flakes. Wooden steps (13) facing traffic. Concrete base. Locking room window central on front of each flake with 2x2 panes. Walkway on non-steps end only. Wooden nameboard with square corners located centrally over end windows. Stove at front. Locking room door at steps end flush with front. Fire buckets at non-steps end. 3. 28 incl 7 soare - MT6. Rear 28 lever MR tappet - Swift. 28 lever REC, 8 spare - NHA. 12JUL1969 1. by 16AUG1877 2. 15SEP1895 3. 14JUL1912 Open Continuously (1942, 1945). 1900 Su - 0350 Su (1959). {LM sig pl54 VRAnderson}. MemLane p58 (actually MAKing's!). MAKing x 3 22MAR1969 + 2 undated/credited. Dn lie by (MR1913). Dn lie-by for 55 wagons - SA1937. Up sdgs g.f. 5 levers - NHA. Not interlocked by 1880 - Trade. MT6 dated 04OCT1912 relates to the box being "slightly moved" with a new frame of 28 levers, 7 spare.
11SEP1968 - Facing connection to Up Goods at Belper Goods oou and recovered., replaced by lead off trailing connection from Down Main. 15SEP1968 - Down siding at Belper Goods oou and recovered.
Renamed from Box 2. Box 3 relocated 'Belper end of yard' - Gough. Lamp room moved c. 1969 to other end of box to vacate site for replacement ground frame. GT Gunn, J Spencer, GF Wilson - NUR1930 Weed strewn area of ballast, slight indentation at site of sb
Belper Passenger Station D13
1 E (Up) side of line 110yd S of stn (MR dd 1917) 135m 48c 3481 4752 4 Belper Goods 968yd - Broadholme 1430yd

19JUL1931 - Gough 1. March 1878 - MT6 2. 02MAY1897 Open Continuously (1877), 0600 Mo - 0300 Su (1913)

1. MT6 states Home & Distant signals provided in each direction on opening of new station, which was not a Block Post, probably only a stage on each platform at this time.
P Dudley, J Westwood, JH Thurgood - NUR1930

Belper North D14
1 Down side -


22OCT1934 07MAY1934

Temp box for rebuilding bridge 36 - Gough "fixed on the down side of the line about 130 yards north of the 8 mile post"

Broadholme D15
3 E (Up) side of line 1. - 3. 240yd S of Bridge 37 4. W (Dn) side of line N of bridge. 136m 33c 1-3. 3482 4879 4.3480 4911 4 Ambergate South Junc 1mi 308yd - Belper Goods 1mi 970yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/23 1964) 1 - 3. MR 4. LMS Type 11b. 4. Type 11b with two 10' flakes of all wood construction. Wooden steps facing traffic. MR style walkway round front and ends. Wooden nameboard with rounded corners on front below window sill. Locking room window in centre front of each flake with 2x2 panes. Stove front. Lapped horizontal boardng (14). Laterly 16 steel steps. Concrete privy at bottom of steps. 1. Reframed 06OCT1895 - Gough. 3. Rear 30 levers inc 3 spare - Hinson. 30 levers REC 11 spare 1964 - NHA. 2. 12JUL1969 - Gough 1. by 01NOV1875 2. 24SEP1899 3. 14SEP1930 Closed nights Sa, Su (1877), 0700 Mo - 0800 Su (1909). 0700 Mo - 0300 Su (1913), Open Continuously (1942, 1945). 0600 Mo - 0350 Su (1959). 3. {LMS sig pl58a & 60}. (LMS Arch pl574). MAKing 28JUN1969 x2. Up & Dn slow N of box.
1883 8 levers inc 1 spare. Box 3 located 300m further N (i.e. N of Bridge 37) G Vincent, E Fletcher, A Redfern - NUR1930

Broadholme Bridge D15a

Broadholme - Ambergate South Jn (temporary)
8 levers inc 1 spare. 26JUN1883 08APR1883

Temporary box re bridge works Info per Newman.

Ambergate South Junction D16
3 W ( Dn) side of lines 1&2. N of A6 bridge. 3. S of bridge and S of Up Manchester - Derby x-over. 1. 137m 76c 2. 137m 74c 1. 3475 5124 3. 3469 5100 3 Ambergate Station Junc 615yd / Ambergate West Junc - Ambergate North Junc 1020yd - Broadholme 1mi 308yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/24 x2, no numbers / undated (box 1?), undated (1968) 1. MR Type 1. 2. ? 3. LMS Type 11b. 1. Type 1 10' square box with steps facing traffic and c10 levers at front. Name board on front fixed to mid cross beam. No walkway. Locking room window on end centrally with top flush with middle cross beam.
2. MR Type 2b single 15'x10' flake with door facing traffic. Walkway on front only. Locking room window on end flush with front. Nameboard on front flush with bottom of window. Stove at rear.
3. LMS Type 11b btf with two 12' flakes. Two arched locking room windows in single recessed panel in each flake and single locking room window in non steps end. Walkway. No nameboard by late 1960's, previously BR style enamelled name with square corners fixed in MR postion. Wooden steps (18) away from traffic. Matching privvy on landing at top of steps.
1. Front 2. Front. 3. Rear. 50 Levers, Standard frame to rear - Swift. 19 spare in 1968 - Hinson. REC 50 levers 6 spare - NHA. 12JUL1969 1. 1864 (1863? ) 2. 25JUN1893 3. 29NOV1931 Open Continuously (1877,1913, 1942, 1945, 1959). Block switch fitted 1925 - RAIL418 1. (Ind Mus 03MAR1888). MR Pict pl163 03MAR1888. 2. Sutton p45 NRM/DY9491. TLH Pl7. MemLane p122. 3. TLH pl16 VRAnderson late 1960's. {LMS sig pl58}. 3. (LMS arch pl573). L&GRP 2525 c. 1932. MAKing 22MAR1969.

Box 3 275m S. J Thorpe, AH Taylor - NUR1930. Jack Nadin - signalled last through train to Buxton30JUN1968 - BRIL 03/2001. Slight hollow in ground.
Ambergate Station Junction D17
2 W (Dn) side of line, S of Stn just N of jnc. 138m 10c 3485 5152 4 Ambergate West Junction 332yd - Ambergate North Junction 463yd - Ambergate South Junction 615yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/25 x2, neither dated. 2. MR Type 2b. Type 2b. Single 15'x10' flake. Locking room window at ends. Steps (14) facing traffic. Stove chimney at rear. Railed walkway at front but not non-steps end. Nameboard on front with top flush with bottom of windows, lettering carried on two lines about 8' long. 1. 12 lever MR tumbler - Newman. 2. 17 Levers MR tumbler 6in centres, front - Swift. 4 spare - Hinson. 12MAY1968 - Swift 1. c.DEC1876 2. 25JUN1893 Open Continuously (1877,1913, 1942, 1945, 1959). 0640 - 2240 or after passage of 10 15pm B Derby to Sheffield, Mo - Fr, 0730 - 1020, 1635 - 2330 or after passage of 11 0pm D Rowsley to St Pancras, Su. (1962). 2. MR Pict pl167 AUG1911 MLKnighton collection. Front cover of Swift vol 8. SRS SE5/1 int & 2 both 31MAR1957. CB 5/1. MAKing 16FEB1964 + 1 undated/credited. (MJL 6718.3/29), (HCCasserley 25DEC1925 MR125.912 or 2883 - in the snow from the footbridge) Sidings on down side opposite box taken out of use on 29OCT1963 - Swift Rotary Interlocking Block to Ambergate West Junction.

J Wood, SJ Hawkins, ME Smith, AE Baker - NUR1930. S.Flint, H. Butcher, G.Harrison - Aug 1964 per TRB RPYMR/1992/28/6 . P. Overgrown with no sign of sb. Stump of Dn Home bracket signal still extant
Ambergate West Junction D18
2 W (Dn) side of line, N of junc and N of river bridge Mn W side of triangle. 138m 26c 3481 5177 4 Whatstandwell Sidings 2mi 230yd - Ambergate North Junction 464yd - Ambergate Station Junction 332yd / Ambergate South Junc Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/26 x2 1953, 11AUG68. 2. MR Type 2b. MR Type 2b, single x 15'x10' flake with locking room windows on ends, flush with front & rear at non-steps end. Steel steps (13) toward traffic. Walkway with rail round front & ends. Box is set on embanlment so rear uprights are exposed by several feet. Balcony leading from track lever to locking room door at steps end flush with back of box. MR pattern name board fills about 12' of front of box midway between walkway and bottoms of windows. Stove at rear. 2. 16 Lever MR tumbler -Swift. No spares 1953, 8 spare in 1968 - Hinson. 6in centres - Phillips 11MAY1969 - Swift 1. by 16AUG1877 2. 21MAY1893 Open Continuously (1877,1913, 1942, 1945). 0600 M0 - 2050 Su (1959). Block switch fitted 1925 - RAIL418 Peak, PnP p.66 (both distance). (DBYIM per BR PR & Publicity Dept, Euston House, Eversholt Street, NW1 Neg No. D1265.) . Postcard Joanes publications 24MAY1952 view from steps. MAKing 16FEB1964, 27MAR1969 x2. ERMorten 1937. Johnsons Sdgs g.f. after 1933. Rotary Interlocking Block to Ambergate Station Junction. 2. Cost 229 - Phillips. Closed 26FEB1967 when location ceased to be a junc, reopened 11AUG1968, closed 11MAY1969. - Gough 11AUG1968 - Permanent SLW b/w Ambergate West and Ambergate South Junction with Down Matlock oou. B/W 12-31AUG1968 - Recover Down Matlock.
A Hicks, H Lockyear, RP Pepper - NUR1930 P. No trace.
Johnson's Sidings D19
2 NE (Up) side of Mn 138m 66c 343523 4 Whatstandwell Sidings 1mi 1730yd - Ambergate West Junc 880yd Swift vol 8. MT6/341/4. MR Looks like Type 4d (i.e. no finials) with chimney at front. Definitely Type 3 or 4. Single 15' flake. Steps facing traffic. Lower half of box hidden by train. 1. 12 levers inc 3 spares 1883 - MT6. 2. Front - Swift 16 lever tappet 20APR1933 (Peak/THL) 09APR1933 - Gough 19APR33 - Swift 1. 04JUN1883 2. 04SEP1920 0830 - 1830 (1913) TLH pl25, obscured, dated 1927 credited to Railways Yesteryear. On Dn side served by trailing connections. Replaced by gf electrically locked from Ambergate West Jn which was abolished in 1956 - Phillips. Ordered that gas fittings be supplied & fixed in the NEW SIGNAL BOX - Way & Wks cttee 14JUN1883. Box has been recovered by 30APR1933 as it has clearly gone on photo of that date by ERMorten. "Half mile N of Ambergate West Jn" - Accident Report. Located on Up side, south of goods warehouse opposite entrance to wire works. Signalman Pepper on duty 1530hrs 21APR1923 when Dn express became derailed on the trailing connection into the Dn sdgs, 94yds N of box - See attachment. SA Morse - NUR1930 P- Recess in wall still visible but overgrown
Whatstandwell Station D20
1 Station platforms 140m 13c 3330 5426
(Whatstandwell Goods - Johnson's Sidings)
Platform frames
2 working, 1 spare on each platform at 16NOV1894 - MT6 676/12 1912 11NOV1894

Up: Home signal at the Manchester end of the down platform worked from the new station up platform. Starting signal worked from the Signal Box and controlled from the up platform. Down: Distant signal on the up side of the line, home signal at the Derby end of the down platform worked from the down platform, and the distant signal worked from the Signal Box will be controlled from the down platform. The intermediate distant signal worked from the Signal Box will be a lower arm on the post of the station home signal. The levers working and controlling the signals must always be kept in the 'All Right' position, except when the signals are required to be placed at 'Danger' for the protection of any obstruction on the main line at or near the Passenger Station. Signals disconnected in 1912 Gough has Whatstandwell Sidings and this box as same location. MR document of 1912 clearly refers to both as separate entities. Station building on. Dn side = grid ref.

Whatstandwell Sidings D21
3 W (Dn) side of line and Gds Yd 140m 36c 3316 5455 4 High Peak Junction 1485yd - Johnson's Sdgs 1mi 1730yd / Ambergate West Junction 2mi 230yd Swift vol 8 MR4d two bay elevated Type 4d with two 10'x10' flakes. Slightly higher than normal. Locking room windows on front in each flake. Steel steps toward traffic. Nameboards centrally on ends over windows. Frame at front. 2. See supplement. 3. 24 levers - Phillips 24JUL1966 - Swift 1. by AUG1877 2. 28APR1895 3. 18JUN1922 Closed between trains booked to stop on Su and Su night (MR1877). Closed Su w.e.f. 14JUL1912 (MR1912), 0700 Mo - 0600 Su (1913). 0600 Mo - 2200 Su (1942)., 0600 Mo - 0600 Su (1945). 0605 Mo - 0150 Su (1959). Peak 24MAY1952 x2. HBPriestley 01OCT1967 per MAKing Up lie-by for 48 wagons - SA1937. Loops each side with trailing sdgs both sides. Down distant - colour light installed 30NOV1958, sidings oou 10APR1964 - Swift Gough has Whatstandwell and this box as same location. MR document of 1912 clearly refers to both as separate entities.
E Ashman, E Porter, OS Applegate - NUR1930 P - Very overgrown with no obvious sign of box but corrugated iron privvy still stands! Point crank found in situ.
High Peak Junction D22
2 E (Up) side of line 140m S of Lea Wood river bridge 141m 23c 32306 55495 4 Cromford Sidings 1mi 516yd - Whatstandwell Sidings 1485yd - Cromford Goods (C&HP) 1294yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/29 (24JUL66) 2. MR Type 2b. 2. Type 2b. Steps toward traffic. Locking room windows at ends. Nameboard over walkway. 1. 16 lever MR Tumber - Newman. 2. 20 lever MR tumbler 6'' centres, front - Swift. 5 spare 1966 - Hinson 29OCT1967 - Swift 1. by 01NOV1875 / MAR1876 - Phillips 2. 18AUG1901 Not Su (1877), 0600 Mo - 0500 Su (1913), 0600 - 2200 Mo - Sa (1945). 0600 - 2200 Mo - Sa, 0900 - 1700 Su (1942). (1945)0940 - 1730 Mo - Fr, 0940 - 1330 Sa (1959). 0940 - 1635 Mo, We, Th, Fr, 0940 - 1620 Tu, 0940 - 1305 Sa (1962). Peak. AVC 8/28e distance c1932. MR pic p28 hidden by train 1911. Up lie by (MR1913). Up lie-by for 35 wagons - SA1937. Loops both sides. Staff to Cromford Goods on C&HP.

R Smith, DJ Bird, PL Butterey - NUR1930 Signficant amount of timber from box still extant, including rear posts and cross beams. Up Home bracket signal cut off at base but still lying where it fell - arms and dolls missing unfortunately!
High Peak North D23

n/k -


21MAY1887 17APR1887

Bridge No. 15, High Peak Bridge was completely rebuilt by Richards and Son in 1886/7 - TLH Temporary installation with Lea Wood (Bridge works?) - Gough

Lea Wood D24



21MAY1887 17APR1887

Bridge No. 15, High Peak Bridge was completely rebuilt by Richards and Son in 1886/7 - TLH Temporary installation with High Peak North (Bridge works?) - Gough

Cromford Sidings D25

E (Up) side of Mn opp canal exchange sdgs.1.5mi S of Cromford Stn (Peak). 142m 47c 3064 5662 4 Matlock Bath 1mi 403yd - High Peak Junction 1mi 516yd Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/21 (1965) MR
Front, 12 levers, 3 spares - Hinson. That way from new - MT6 19DEC1965 - Swift 01SEP1890 0700 Mo - 0430 Su (1909) 0600 Mo - 0420 Su (1913) / 0600 Su (1945). 0610 Mo - 0150 Su (1959). Open continuously (1942).
Dn lie by (MR1913). Dn lie-by for 65 wagons - SA1937
Box second hand from Pleasley - Phillips. (Pleasley Colliery Sidings closed 27JUL1890 but Gough has no opening date but was open by Aug 1882 which makes it a Type 1)
HG Plant, AHG Coles, J Longhead - NUR1930 P - Recess in boundary shown on OS map.
Cromford Station D25a

Probably no more than a lever frame on the platform 143m 10c

Platform frame - probably on each platform.

by 1913 by 1877 Closed each night and between the running of trains on Sudays (MR1877)

Not mentioned in 1880 return to Board of Trade.

Matlock Bath D26
2 E of Up Mn S end of stn 143m 65c 303574 2 Matlock 1mi 570yd Cromford Sidings 1mi 403yd Dy Ind Mus 12MAR1891. Swift vol 8. Hinson LM62/31 1966. 1. MR Type .1 2. MR Type 2a. 1. Type 1 with single 10' flake. Locking room door steps end at front no visible locking room window on steps end or front. Name mounted on central crossbeam No walkway. Block oval hanging on front beam at end nearest traffic.
2. Type 2a. Steps toward traffic but at back of box leading to door at rear. Base of steps from platform level. Locking room windows on ends at front. Wooden name boards with square corners over end windows with N name at front and S name centrally. Frame front. Walkway. Ten horizontal boards. 6" vertical board on front.
2. 16 lever, 3 spare at new - diag, 7 spare in 1966 - Hinson, Tumbler - Newman, 6in centres - Phillips 19DEC1965 - Swift 1. by 16AUG1877 2. 15MAR1891 Closed between trains booked to stop on Su and overnight Su (MR1877) Open Continuously (1942, 1945, 1959) 1. Sutton p48. TLH pl65. MR pic p16 c. 1875 JM Bentley collection. 2. Peak. {TLH pl74 MAKing}. (HBPriestly no date.). MidRail 2096 - c.1959. MAKing 22MAY1964 (as pub in TLH). On Dn side, removed prior to 1966. GF Bolt locked by lever 13 - Phillips. Lever for up & dn starters 4 & 14 swapped b/w 1891 & 1966 Box 2 raised 13MAR1910 - Gough Cost 320 - Phillips.
R Willan (Class 2 area relief), JH Roe, AJ Burdett, H Hood, WJ Essex - NUR1930 P - Overgrown with rough grass - no trace of sb.
High Tor Tunnels D27



01JUL1889 28MAY1888

Temporary installation (Tunnel work) - Gough

Matlock D28 Matlock Bridge South / Matlock South 3 1. & 2. E (Up) side of line, N of stn 'set well back from the line in the goods yard' (TLH) 3. E of Dn Mn N of Stn. 2. 145m 5c 3. 145m 11c 297603 3 Darley Dale Station 1mi 1758yd - Matlock Bath 1mi 570yd (1937) Swift vol 8. NHA ~1960. 3. Type 4c elevated. 3. Type 4c elevated on gantry over siding formed of three 10'x10' flakes. Wooden steps (32 in three flights (12+12+8 from ground)) at rear facing N and parallel to rail. Wooden nameboard centrally over end windows. Frame at front. Finials each end. Locking room window in centre in each of three flakes at front. Walkway from door at rear, flush with souh end, round front and end windows. Locking room door directly under operating floor door. Single rear 2x2 pane window centrally at rear at top of back wall. Privvy stand separately at NE corner of gantry. 1. 12 levers - Newman.. 2. 12 levers - Phillips (there could be confusion b/w 1&2?) 3. Front. 36 levers, 6 spare - NHA. Tappet - Phillips. 11MAY1969 1. by 1875 2. 03DEC1899 (07JAN1900 ) 3. 27FEB1910 Closed each night and between trains booked to stop on Su (MR1877). 0600 Mo - 0600 Su (1913,1945). 0600 Mo - 2200 Su (1942). 0605 Mo - 0150 Su (1959). 3. {TLH pl5&96.} SRS 247/1 & 2 int 31MAR1957. MidRail 2087 - c.1960. MAKing 22MAR1969 x 4. MJL 6718.3/78, 6718.3/79 2 lie bys on up side (MR1913). Single trailing siding on Up side, yard on Dn side.
'Bridge' dropped 1906 (05JUL1905 - Gough). Lines to the North closed 01JUL1968.
E Whitmore, G Hubbard, JT Heritage - NUR1930

Matlock North D29 Matlock Bridge North 2 E (Up) side of line 11 chains N of South Box. (TLH) 145m 16c

Matlock Bridge South - Darley Dale
1. 12 levers - Newman. New 16 lever frame installed 21SEP 1890 and inspected 16OCT1890, 2 spares - MT6. 2. 12 - Phillips (?) 27FEB1910 1. by 1877 2. 07JAN1900 Closed each night and between trains booked to stop on Su (MR1877)

Not interlocked as of 1880 - Trade. MT6 in 1890 recommended; "that No.8 disc should lock No.11 points and that No.12 disc should lock No.9 points in either position and that the disc signals should shew smaller back lights" Ordered that the signals and points at Matlock Bridge be improved in line with sketch at an estimated cost of 250 - Way & Works cttee 19OCT1880