London Road Junction interior views

London Road jn interior 2

London Road Jn interior

London Road Junction - photographed by the LMS official photographer less than six weeks after it was commissioned.

In the upper view we have just arrived at the top of the steps and entered the sparking new box. Lever 80, closest to us, is the Up Passenger Line Distant signal on the West Branch from Birmingham. For a weekday (12th January was a Tuesday in 1926), things are very quiet. No.13 is reverse setting the route from Platform 6. Nos. 24 & 26 reverse means the route is set into Platform 2. Nothing else is off and the block instruments working to Way & Works, Osmaston Road, Derby 'A' and Station North (along Platform 6) are all at 'Line Blocked'.

The upper view we have our back to the station. The indicator on the block shelf for Signal No.2 relates to the pioneering colour light signal mid-way along Platform 6. There is a little more activity than the previous view with No.12 reversed to set a route into the Carriage Siding. Points 51 & 55 are reverse with No.44 off for a train on the Goods Lines taken in by Osmaston Road under the Warning Acceptance.

Photos from the Midland Railway Study Centre

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