The National Archives - Material Viewed

This page lists the material I have viewed at the National Archives (though called the Public Record Office when I started!) in the course of my research into Derby Area Signalling. Obviously the comments concerning the usefulness of the material are very subjective!

Where I have copied diagrams and they are in electronic form a link is provided.


RAIL 491/778 MR Distance Diagrams    
RAIL 491/779 MR Distance Diagrams    
RAIL 491/783 MR Distance Diagrams    
RAIL 491/784 MR Distance Diagrams    
RAIL 421/80 Signal Box opening times Useful 1923 - 1947


RAIL 532/43 NSR Diagrams Excellent 1914
RAIL 963/30 MR Appendix 10 Excellent 1877
RAIL 491/777 "Sidings at Burton on Trent" Poor 1921
MT6/103/5 Stenson Junc - Weston on Trent opening   16MAY1873
MT6/532/11 Stenson Crossing   04DEC1890
MT6/590/11 Stenson - Melbourne Junc   1892
MT6/441/8 Hargate   SEP1887
MT6/1149/8 North Staffs Junc (Burton)   MAR1903
MT6/586/5 North Staffordshire Junction (Willington)   1892
MT6/158/20 Ambergate Colliery   JUN1876
MT6/291/10 Marehay Crossing   1881
MT6/1661/3 Swains Park Crossing   1907
MT6/471/7 Chaddesden Turntable   1888
MT6/517/5 Chaddesden South Junction   1900
MT6/976/4 Chaddesden South Junction   1890
MT6/1040/5 Chaddesden Centre   1901


MT6/5/93 Forge Mills LC??   1848
MT6/46/9 Spondon   1867
MT29/80 Inspecting Officers Report   1921
MT29/97 Inspecting Officer’s Report: Sunny Hill.   1949
MT29/104 Inspecting Officer’s Report   1964
MT29/81 Inspecting Officer’s Report: Stretton & Claymills. Marston Jn 1922
MT/29/82 Inspecting Officer’s Report: Sinfin Sidings. Coton Park. Woodville Jn   1924
MT/29/84 Inspecting Officer’s Report: Swains Pk. Butterley causeway   1928
RAIL 491/793 MR Weekly Notices Useful 1912-1919
RAIL 491/805 MR Weekly Notices Useful 1912-1919
RAIL 491/806 MR Weekly Notices Useful 1912-1919
RAIL 491/807 MR Weekly Notices Useful 1912-1919
RAIL 491/808 MR Weekly Notices Useful 1912-1919
MT29/85 Inspecting Officer’s Report   1930


RAIL 491/110 MR Way & Works Committee Minutes Heavy but useful July 1880 -
RAIL 491/111 MR Way & Works Committee Minutes Heavy but useful March 1882 -
RAIL 491/112 MR Way & Works Committee Minutes Heavy but useful Jan 1884 – May 1886
RAIL 491/720 Board of Trade Reports    
RAIL 491/721 Board of Trade Reports    
RAIL 491/722 Board of Trade Reports    
RAIL 491/831 Goods Records Irrelevant  
RAIL 491/856 Goods Records Irrelevant  
RAIL 491/711 Fare Notices – Newark Irrelevant  
RAIL 491/1001 Staff Records at Derby Very Useful c. 1876 – 1911
AN93/13 BR Stoke Division Track Plan Useful c. 1971
RAIL 491/836 Civil Engineering Photographs (inc. Burton & Willington) Interesting c. 1880
MT6/1818/2 Peckwash Mill   15MAY1909
MT6/211/1 Burton, Lancs (LNWR) Irrelevant  
MT6/503/4 Scropton NSR   Oct1889
MT6/1201/18 Derby North Jnc   1903
MT6/593/1 Derby South Jnc   1892
MT6/53/2 Melbourne Jnc - Melbourne   1868


RAIL 491/157 MR Traffic Committee Minutes Heavy but useful 1888
RAIL 236/475 GNR Detailed Plan of Heanor Branch Very Useful c. 1880
MPS 5/137 LNWR Map of Burton Branches Not very detailed  
MT6/ 5/101 Burton NSR   1848
MT6/2515/6 Burton NSR   1918
MT6/1240/1 Clay Mills NSR   11JUL1901
MT6/1711/7 Uttoxeter North Junc NSR   05JUN1908
MT6/2090/4 Hockley Crossing NSR   18MAR1912
MT6/459/5 Horninglow NSR    
MT6/1011/17 Uttoxeter East Jn NSR   28NOV1900
MT6/2141/5 Pinfold Crossing NSR   30SEP1912
MT6/875/7 Rolleston / Dove Jn NSR   09OCT1894
MT6/5/76 Opening of Stoke – Uttoxeter Line   07AUG1848
MT6/287/4 Inspection of New Station at Uttoxeter   1881
MT6/326/11 Approach Road to Uttoxeter Stn Irrelevant 1882-1883
MT6/602/13 Uttoxeter West Jn   03DEC1892


MT6/27/72 Opening of North – West curve (Ambergate)   MAY1863
MT6/341/4 New connections at Johnson’s Sidings   JUN1883
MT6/362/12 Realignment of main line near Johnson’s Sidings   1884
MT6/856/11 New connection at Bull Bridge   1898
MT6/1895/12 New connection at Crich Jn   MAR1910
MT6/2405/6 Alteration at Ambergate North Jn   JAN1915
MT6/496/2 Opening of Branston station (no signalling)   SEP1889
MT6/134/5 New junction at Branstone Bridge   DEC1874
MT6/346/15 New crossover and cabin at Broadholme   JUL1883
MT6/2002/7 New connection at Butterley   JUN1911
MT6/248/16 New connection at Hemington Ballast Pit   MAR1880
RAIL 236/1017 GNR Two chain Survey Derby, Egginton & Burton Tremendous c.1880
AN 31/13 Photographs of Derby Midland, Friargate & St. Mary’s Goods Interesting  
RAIL 410/1199 LNWR Map of Burton Interesting  
RAIL 491/1140 MR Signal box section Interesting 1927
RAIL 421/169 LMS Diagrams of Certain Locations None relevant 1933 – 1936
ZLIB6/279 LMS pamphlet: "Modernised Goods Depot at Derby St Mary’s " Irrelevant c.1952
RAIL 909/5 Working Timetable ER Nottingham Useful in parts MAY1949


MT6/351/6 Position of connections altered Whatstandwell (old) Station   29AUG1883
MT6/524/5 Opening of Cromford Sidings   02SEP1890
MT6/362/9 Improvement to curves at Cromford (no signalling)   01MAY1884
MT6/346/8 New Up Goods – Dn Passenger connection at Derby North Jn   01JUN1883
MT6/234/19 Down Passr & Goods lines at LNWR Jn and Pl 4 at Derby Station 05JUL1879    
MT6/338/5 Alteration to Signal Works connection at Derby Junction   16MAY1883
MT6/1769/3 Death of Thomas Ryder, a signal fitter, at Derby South Jn   04NOV1907
MT6/1336/3 Installation of Siemens frame at Way & Works   03FEB1905
MT6/2049/7 New connection at Derby Station North   06JUL1901
MT6/326/1 (multi) New connection at North Stafford Jn (Burton)   31DEC1881
RAIL 421/102-4 LMS Distance Diagrams poor detail c.1925
RAIL 401/86 LNER Signalling Notices All NE region 1928


MT114/93 LMR Exemptions from Block Working Excellent 1934-60
MT114/219 Spath L.C. Excellent 1958-66
MT114/715 Dallow Road L.C. accident Interesting 1966
MT114/838 Eagle & Barnsdale L.C. accident Interesting 1966
MT114/413 Correspondence re Egginton Goods L.C. Not Relevant 1964
RAIL 1136/71 LMS Sectional Appendix   1931


RAIL 491/121 Way & Works Committee Useful 1899 – 1901
RAIL 491/162 Traffic Committee Useful 1899 – 1902
RAIL 491/245 General Purposes Committee Useful 1898 – 1903
RAIL 491/1207 2ch Plan of Burton with Land Agent’s Notes Very good 1922
MT6/816/3 Up & Down Goods Duffield – Milford Tunnel   1897-98
MT6/1872/9 Abolition of Duffield Station Box   1910
RAIL 491/508 Derby widening – prices and specification Not relevant 1891
MT6/1092/4 Duffield - Little Eaton widening   1901-1902
MT6/103/2 Collingham – new x-over and connection to Dn sdg   1873
MT6/118/2 (Out of area – shown as Duffield in error)    


RAIL 432/1 LMS Weekly Special Train Notices Interesting but not relevant 1923
MT6/4520/3 Coton Park – New connection on Dn side Plan but no detail 26OCT1872
MT6/298/4 Coton Park – extension of above Plan but no detail 23JAN1882
MT6/1400/2 Coton Park – Removal of stage & all connections Not inspected 12SEP1905
MT6/520/3 Osmaston Rd – Dn Gds to Dn Passr.   08JUL1890
MT6/527/20 Sunny Hill – New Dn Sdg   01OCT1890
MT6/608/10 Derby Junction – Widening to Derby North Jn Huge plan! 09SEP1892
AN13/338 Goods Lines at Stenson Brief but Useful 19JUN1952
AN155/263 Closure of Ambergate – Chinley Depressing! 1966-1968
RAIL 1007/246 Question re Ambergate old station Irrelevant 18DEC1934
MT6/335/12 Burton new station No signalling 21APR1883
MT6/397/17 Burton Stn north – new connection   04NOV1885
MT6/1079/3 Horninglow Bridge – new connection Dn gds – Dn pass.   28APR1902


RAIL 1136/50 LNER Appendix Southern Area/td> Useful in places 1927
RAIL 1136/51 Supplement No.4 to above likewise 1937
RAIL 1136/83 Supplement No. 4 to Midland area Sectional Appendix Got it at home! 1944
MT6/87/5 Melbourne Brick Sidings   JUL1872
MT6/292/3 Melbourne Jn, Willington, Chellaston Work carried out since 1871 DEC1881
MT6/316/6 Chellaston Station New Sidings AUG1882
MT6/676/5 Woodville Station New Siding NOV1894
MT6/1231/7 Woodville Junction Down Yard MAR 1904
MT6/2181/7 Condition of bridge on Woodville branch Not relevant 1913
MT6/62/8 Opening of Sawley – Weston line Chellaston Jn & Sheet Stores DEC1869
RAIL 491/1207 Land Agent’s Plan of Burton Seen before! 1923
MT6/314/2 Swanwick Sidings East   JUL1882
MT6/544/2 Breadsall Crossing Goods Lines to St Mary’s APR1891


MT114/412 Egginton Goods AHBs Lot of waffle but good diagram 1964
MT6/1494/3 New connections at Worthington and Melbourne stations. Worthington n/r to Melbourne 1900 & 1906
MT6/304/2 Mainline Connections. Includes Dunstall, Elford and Haselour Station, Derby Nottingham Road, Hargate & Sunny Hill Variable 1871-1880
RAIL418/75 LMS Traffic Committee minute book 1 Useful 1923
RAIL418/93 LMS Works Committee minute book 1 Less so! (lot of duplication) 1923
RAIL418/74 LMS Traffic Committee minute book 2   1924
RAIL418/75 LMS Traffic Committee minute book 3   1925
MT6/528/4 Melbourne Junction New Earth Siding on Dn side 1890
MT6/360/11 Connection at Marehay Denby Hall g.f. 1884


MT6/708/5 North Stafford Jn (Burton)   14SEP1895
MT6/527/21 Electrical Train Tablet working on the Duffield Branch.   13OCT1890
MT6/48/5 Opening of and Single Line method of working - Wirksworth Branch.   01OCT1867
MT6/142/5 Siding connection at Duffield On single line 27AUG1875
MT6/607/12 New connection at Horninglow Bridge   14JAN1893
MT6/291/9 Alteration at Burton Station. Plans of Station North and South 01DEC1881
MT6/988/11 Wetmore Sidings new connections.   29OCT1900
MT6/1060/9 Burton Station North alterations.   17OCT1902
MT6/1079/5 Leicester Junction, new lead from down sidings to down goods. Complex plan 29JAN1902


RAIL 418/174 LMS Report on Progress of New Works and Maintenance Sporadically very useful November 1924 - January 1926
RAIL 418/78 LMS Traffic Committee Minute Book 4 Sporadically very useful 1929
RAIL 418/94 LMS Works Committee Minute book 2 Sporadically very useful 1926
RAIL 912/61 WTT Freight LMR(Midland lines) Jun 1953 Inc trip Workings – wonderful! JUN1953
MT114/89 Provision of Block Control Interesting technical background but not relevant 1947 - 1956
RAIL 491/999 Burton - staff records Very useful but heavy going  
RAIL 491/1020 New appointments to Midland Railway at Derby Not relevant – insufficient detail of posting 1902 - March 1913
RAIL 421/33 A real mish-mash of MR & LMS resignalling notices (mainly major schemes; Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Mirfield, Rugby), Local Instructions (Carlton Rd Jn, Shap), rule books/SGI/signalling regs. etc. etc. Covers every area EXCEPT Derby/Burton! Mainly LMS period
RAIL 421/79 LMS Traffic Committee minute book 5 Sporadically very useful 1930


MT 109/438 New A38 Bridge at Derby Road crossing, Willington Excellent 1967
RAIL 1007/114 Misc. papers relating to Powers and goods agreements, Includes MR distance diagram Sheet 26B third edition dated Jan 1902. Irrelevant date uncertain (c.1890?).
RAIL 1033/17 Map of Burton dated 1857 with railways added. No signalling information 1863
RAIL 418/80 LMS Traffic Committee minute book 6. Potentially very good but nothing local! 1932-1933
RAIL 418/174 LMS Works Committee reports. Largely duplicates information already contained in Works Ctte minutes. Very bulky. Not persevered with. 1924
RAIL 491/122 MR Way & Works Committee Book 33 Good 1910-1903
RAIL 1033/18 Map of Burton Interesting and detailed but no signalling. 1878
RAIL 418/95 LMS Works Committee Little of relevance 1933
RAIL 418/81 LMS Traffic Committee minute book 7 Again, had potential but nothing local 1934-1935
RAIL 912/1 LMR (Midland Division) wtt passenger. Includes supplement to Sept 1947 Hours of Duty in Signal Boxes wef May 31st 1948. Very good 1948
RAIL 912/2 LMR (Midland Division) wtt freight. Trip workings. Interesting 1948


MT6/2332/3 Hykeham – moving up side connection   12NOV1914
MT6/1241/7 Carlton & Netherfield. New Goods Yard SB and enlarge Station SB 21APR1904
AN 93/3 LMS sidings plans - various areas & dates. Track layouts but no signalling detail. Track layouts but no signalling detail.  
MT6/439/5 Newark North - new connection in down line   02AUG1887
MT6/322/9 Newark (New connection), Matlock Bridge (sluing and new connection) & High Peak Jn (new slips).   15NOV1882
RAIL 1033/212 OS 6" map Burton Joyce, Lowdham & Carlton. No annotation - irrelevant. c.1910
AN 155/339 BR(LMR) closure plan for Spondon - Derby North Jn/Derby Jn. Interesting. Some detail of rationalisation plans for power signalling Some detail of rationalisation plans for power signalling 1968
MT114/833 Meardsall Crossing. Installation of miniature red/green lights 1968 Incl. Inspecting Officer’ Report 1966 - 1969
RAIL 420/68 2ch plan of Belper Goods. Property plan shows track & SB but no signalling detail Property plan shows track & SB but no signalling detail June 1923
MT6/2332/8 Lincoln West – new trailing connection   12NOV1914
RAIL 410/1410 Signal Supt.'s memo's LNWR Crewe. S&T type general memoranda, no specific relevance. 1878 - 1903
RAIL 418/82 LMS Traffic Committee   1934
RAIL 418/96 LMS Works Committee   1927
RAIL491/731 Misc MR papers relating to Board of Trade Inspections Whatstandwell Sidings, Swains Park & Wichnor 1906/07


MT6/293/5 Sneinton Jn insertion of safety points in goods line connection   27DEC1881
RAIL 491/123 MR Way & Works Committee Book 34   1903-1905
RAIL 946/16 LNWR wtt July 1909. Not much specific here but worth looking at others Not much specific here but worth looking at others July 1909
POWE 14/1057 Plans for Willington Power Station No railway info. 1957
MT6 134/6 St. Mary's Jn, Chaddesden South Jn and Derby South Jn   1874
MT6 172/20 High Peak Jn new lie by on up side   26JAN1877
RAIL 491/163 MR Traffic Committee minutes book 27 Traffic Committee seem most productive

(Got as far as Sept 17th 1903...)
RAIL 946/15 LNWR wtt Nothing specific. (Derby/Burton is Central District) 1888
MT6/115/14 Whatstandwell Didn't read, ran out of time!!  


RAIL 491/124 MR Way & Works Committee 35   1905-1907
RAIL 491/730 Board of Trade Inspection Reports Wingfield Aug1906 1906
RAIL 421/104 LMS System map - NS District Shows lines, stations and distances. No signalling. nd
MT 114/220 Level Crossings - Marston Liidlington, Bedfordshire! 1958-1971
MT6/1302/8 Ilkeston & Stanton Jn Wonderful plan (no numbering) 1904
RAIL 418/83 LMS Traffic Committee Minute Book 9   1937
AN155/188 Closure file: Nutbrook Sdgs - Stanton Jn Basic track plan at closure 1963-1965
RAIL 491/164 MR Traffic Committee Minutes No.28   1905-1908
MT6 211/6 Denby North and South   1878


MT29/85 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Rolleston widening. Derby South Jn   1929-30
MT29/86 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Hykeham   1931
MT29/87 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Newark South, Ambergate widening   1932
MT29/88 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Sneinton Jn   1933
MT29/90 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Woodville Goods Jn, Wirksworth long & short section tokens   1935
MT29/91 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Dunstall abolition, Fiskerton crossing   1936
MT29/98 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Boultham Crossing, Marehay & Denby North   1950
MT29/100 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Drakelow, Rolleston & Castle Donington   1956
MT29/101 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Leicester Jn, Stenson Jn & Duffield Jn.   1959
RAIL921/35 BR(LMR) Mid wtt (F) Includes Supplementary Operating Instructions Jun 1951
RAIL 421/168 Colour Light signalling explanation of principles Mirfield type signals 1931
RAIL 421/207 LMS War Journal Vol 2 Very detailed account of LMS activities, mainly transcripts from news articles & notices etc. No relevance to signalling  
MT29/99 Inspecting Officer’s Reports: Stanley Sidings   1954
RAIL 912/7 BR(LMR) Mid wtt (P) no useful info June 1949
RAIL 912/8 BR(LMR) Mid wtt (F) Includes Supplementary Operating Instructions June 1949
RAIL 912/13 BR(LMR) Mid wtt (F) Includes Supplementary Operating Instructions Sep 1949


MT 114/2273 Cottage Lane – MOT AHB File Very Interesting – Accident reports 1967-
MT 114/2283 Collingham Station – MOT AHB File Swinderby & partial Collingham diagram 1967-
MT 114/2335 Collingham - Swinderby Road – MOT AHB File Not much to add to above 1967-
MT6 1336/3 Way &Works Sidings Already viewed 31MAR1905
MT6 833/5 London Road Junction (Hulland St footbridge) Full layout inc point Nos. 07NOV1896
RAIL 491/589 Land Plan of Ambergate Very early little signalling 1874?
RAIL 491/634 Surveyors plan of Bull Bridge – Pye Bridge Not railway detail  


MT 114/2341 Cross Lane – MOT file Not a lot to add 1967-
MT 114/718 Hilton Crossing – MOT file What might have been – accident report 1966-
MT 114/1310 Willington – MOT file Lot of controversy, little substance, couple of “incidents” 1967-
RAIL 432/14 LMS Special Train Notice No ME type information at all. April 6 – 14 1944
MT 29/94 Inspecting officer’s reports Fauld, Dovefields etc. 1939 – 1945
MT6 5/93 “Level Crossing Derby – Birmingham” Forge Mills 1848
MT6 5/101 NSR Uttoxeter – Burton dated No signalling Sept. 11 1848
MT6 821/5 NSR Uttoxeter Gas works connection at North Jn 1898
MT6 2295/2 GNR New Works at Burton Little Bytham – Stoke. (ECML!?) 14JUL1914.
RAIL 418/97 LMS Works Committee Minutes What little there is, is useful October 1933
RAIL 491/678 Misc MR Notices Instructions to SMs – mainly commercial matters 1855


MT6/162/22 SpondEn Various places inc new crossover road at Spondon 1876
MT6/1826/3 Spondon Messrs. Morley & Sons Siding connection. 1903-09
MT6/2465/1 Spondon Connections for British Cellulose 1917
MT6/2545/6 Spondon New boxes and extension of connections 1919
AN13/294 Derby Station reconstruction Description of function of ’A‘ Box Dec1950 – May 1951
AN155/286 Closure file, Egginton Jn – Stanton Jn Informative 1966-1977
RAIL491/131 MR Way & Works Committee   1916-1919
AN31/13 Photographs of Stations B-D Inc Derby 21FEB1950 and/or prior to Mon May 7th 1951
AN31/14 Photographs of Stations D-L None of relevance  
RAIL491/166 MR Traffic Committee   1913-1918
AN155/25 Closure file: Friargate – Nottingham Victoria Very little signalling information. 1962-1973


RAIL491/1001 Staff Records at Derby Photographed c. 1876 – 1911
RAIL 491/999 Burton - staff records Photographed  
MT6/1872/9 Abolition of Duffield Station Box Photographed 1910
MT6/1092/4 Little Eaton Junction to Duffield Photographed 1901-1902
MT6/298/2 Little Eaton Junction Photographed 1882
RAIL 36/31 B&DJR Willington contract no 10, River Dove - Normanton: field plan; longitudinal section Photographed 1837
MFQ 1/427/24 ‘North Staffordshire Railway. Dove Junction with Great Northern Railway’. Reference notes on portion charged to the Great Northern Railway. Scale: 1 inch to 50 feet. undated. Photographed “c.1870”
RAIL 1033/137 Two plans of Burton Duplicates. A4 size (ish) showing ownership of lines & breweries 1883
RAIL 1033/317 Map of Burton-on-Trent showing breweries and their ownership Detail map of town and two mile radius of old station Sept. 1879
RAIL 1033/198 Map of Burton upon Trent issued to Out-Door Assistant, Chief Goods Manager's Office Incredibly detailed (208.33 ft/inch) of town. undated but enclosure / index dated 15NOV1920
RAIL 1033/19 Map of Burton-upon-Trent, with details of the Corporation appended; public buildings and Breweries poorer quality duplicate of RAIL 1033/317 with parcels of land highlighted. 1879
RAIL 1030/198 Plan: Burton on Trent: London & North Western, Midland, Great Northern, North Staffordshire and brewery companies, railways, sidings etc similar scope and date to RAIL 1033/198, but drawn completely differently. undated
RAIL 236/1021 GNR Derbyshire & Staffordshire Railways. Plan of Derby Station Ground. Railway No.7. Specimen Drawing No.4. 50' to the inch. Detailed drawing of proposed Friar Gate station. Engine shed and signal box in completely different locations to 'as built'  
RAIL 1033/409 Burton on Trent four chains to the inch Yet another detailed yet unique survey of the town with the old station 1878
RAIL236/1017 GNR Two chain Survey Derby, Egginton & Burton Fantastically detailed and coloured. Photographed. 1904


RAIL 532/58North Staffordshire Railway Company. STAFF RECORDS. Traffic Department Good (organised by location/role) – photographed.
RAIL 532/59North Staffordshire Railway Company. STAFF RECORDS. Traffic Department Good (organised by location/role) – photographed.
RAIL 421/9LMS Operating Department: history during Second World War Interesting, extracted photographs
RAIL 532/66NSR Staff Records Good (organised by name) - photographed.
RAIL 432/5LMS Special trains 1926 very little signalling interest
RAIL 236/1021 Derby Station (GNR) Seen before, plan of Derby Friargate - not what turned out.
MT 114/1182Guild Street Crossing Bass wanting to dispense with gates - photographed
RAIL1053/89/17Ashbourne accident 1900 Passenger set off through Advance Starter at Clifton. Names Clifton Station and Ashbourne No.1 signalmen - Photographed
MT 114/1309Clay Mills: Accident report for 11 June 1966 DMU with faulty brakes! Photographed.
RAIL530/23Indenture for Derby Station 1839 Interesting local history - Photographed
RAIL 1071/55Churnet Valley Railway Deposited Plan Not as built - photographed
MT 114/1346Dovefields Crossing Post-dates conversion to MRGWL – little signalling interest, mainly road marking, though diagram includes TC controls.
AN155/79Closure file – Uttoxeter North / Ashbourne Depressing! No signalling detail - photographed
RAIL 1053/77/37Accident at Clay Mills 12SEP1888 Helpful, names signalman etc. - photographed
RAIL 1053/130/27521 September 1944 to W G Kirk at Burton-on-Trent (Bass and Company's premises). No signalling interest but photographed (Includes Soham report)


MT 124/1042Derby PSB scheme
RAIL 491/104WAY & WORKS COMMITTEE No.16830 16/1/1872 – No.18400 4/2/1873
RAIL 491/105WAY & WORKS COMMITTEE No.18401 18/2/1873 – No.20104 5/5/1874
RAIL 491/227GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE MINUTES No.1 1/3/1870 – No.2114 1/8/1876
AN 155/339Spondon Junction – Derby Junction/Derby North Junction closure file
RAIL 491/149TRAFFIC COMMITTEE No.16973 14/3/1871 – No.18057 1/10/1872
RAIL 491/150TRAFFIC COMMITTEE No.18058 15/10/1872 – No.19373 3/11/1874
RAIL 491/151TRAFFIC COMMITTEE No.19374 17/11/1874 – No.20617 6/2/1877
AN 156/482Derby Station rebuilding 1982
MT6 607/12Horninglow Bridge 1893
MT6 127/15Clay Mills Junction 1874
MT6 5/101Uttoxeter to Willington Junction opening 1848
MT6 472/11Sawley Junction 1888
MT6 567/2Sheet Stores Junction 1892
MT6 104/15Draycott
MT6 2090/4Uttoxeter
MT6 996/2Rocester
AN31/13Railway Station photos (Derby & Burton)

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